House rules

We want our cats to have the best life possible and feel at ease in their own home at CatPawCino Cat Cafe.

Of course you are welcome to play with the cats, cuddle, stroke and groom them, but we ask all our customers the following.

  • Please do not wake a cat if it is asleep.
  • Please do not bring your own treats, or feed the cats tidbits from your food, as this can affect their health and weight.
  • Please do not take photos with the flash on as this can damage the cats’ eyes.

We don’t wish to bore you, but on such a serious issue feel it is important to give you as much information as we can about the welfare and upkeep of our cherished cat community.

Therefore here is our code of practice that you may wish to read:

  • We do not alter our cats’ behaviour. Some cat cafés will restrict the food of their cats in order to engage with customers. We will never EVER do this.
  • Cats have the freedom to choose whether they would like to engage with customers or to do their own thing.
  • According to Code of Practice Cat V1, GOV Table C.1, the Minimum space allowances for one adult cat is 1.5 m² floor and 2m height. The premises of our café is 159 m² in total, except the food preparation area (no cat access), we offer 117 m² (Two floors) for cat’s play, rest and sleep.
  • There is unrestricted access for cats to the upper and lower floor areas ‘outside’ of normal opening hours (except for the kitchen which is not accessible to cats). Within opening hours, cats stay on the ground floor.
  • The room temperature will be maintained range of 15°C to 21°C for cats appropriate living temperature (Code of Practice Cat V1, GOV).
  • Plenty of cat toys, climbing places and hiding spaces are available.
  • Customers will need to use the hand sanitiser provided on entry before entering the ‘cat lounge’. This is to reduce any potential spread of illness in cats, that may be brought in from outside the café.

We monitor the welfare of our felines’ and their interactions with each other and the customers to make sure they are happy and healthy.

We also liaise with the council’s Animal Welfare team, particularly on any changes that may impact on our kitties, and receive random visits from Animal Welfare staff to check up on the cats’ wellbeing.


  • Adequate cat toilet facilities available – 6 litter trays to prevent conflict between cats. All litter trays will be cleaned at least daily and litter material replaced.
  • Resources such as food and water will be provided appropriate to the number of cats.
  • All cats are registered, vaccinated, neutered, microchipped and keep regular check every six months by Westway Veterinary Group NE5 2ER in order to ensure all cats are healthy and maintain the low level of stress.
  • Owner is studying the course PIF City & Guilds level 3 in principles of animal management, in order to provide optimum care for the cats.
  • Plenty of natural ventilation.
  • All areas under video surveillance with recorders to ensure no mistreatment.
  • Monitor in Landlords flat above cafe (repeat fire alarm already installed).
  • Café is 3 minutes from owner’s home if assistance needed outside of working hours.
  • Facilities for disposal of animal waste.
  • Procedures and equipment for emergency removal of cats to safe area.