Welcome to
the cat café
with a difference!

We all know that cuddling up to a furry, feline friend can help ease the stresses of everyday life - at least for a little while.

Unfortunately not everyone has the time or space to have their own cat, so CatPawCino provides a refuge in the city where you can relax with our café kitties.

Our Cat Café is located on the beautiful Newcastle Quayside overlooking the River Tyne. We have a sit-in café, home to our 8 resident cats and also rescue cats from Friendz Feline. You’ll be welcomed in by our cat keeper, & you can eat, drink & watch the world go by whilst socialising with some delightful kitties in our Quayside Cat Café.

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CatPawCino is different in a few ways

CatPawCino is a garden themed Cat Café that aims to create the feeling of relaxing outdoors, indoors. The light, airy ground floor space is perfect for this, and it will give our cats a fun environment to be in as well as offering our customers a different experience.

The second difference is that all of cats are mine – in that I reared them from kittens and they lived with me as a family before moving into the cat café. This way I know them really well already and I am confident that they get on together as a unit. I am passionate about wanting to share my lovely cats with others, but also want to ensure they are happy and healthy.

Meet our cats

We of course love cats of all shapes, types & sizes and donate a percentage of our profits each month to Feline Friends cat rescue charity. There are 8 permanent cats who are Alfie,Chocolate,Ebby,Flora,Hugo,Iva,Jasper,Kyla. Others are our rescue cat and some of them has been rehomed. More informations please ask our staff!

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Alfie was born in Newcastle on 1st June 2014 and was the cafe’s first cat. He is a Ragdoll breed with stunning blue eyes, and mocha brown paws.  Alfie is calm & affectionate, and loves following people around – he’ll try to push through an open door just to be with you. When he lived with Sarah, at bedtime he would always be sure to find a cosy spot on her bed.  He’s like a big brother to the other cats and you’ll often catch him cleaning the younger kittens.

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Chocolate was born on 11th June 2014. He is a chocolate coloured Point Birman, and was brought from Doncaster. his mother was a show champion and he follows in her paw prints. Chocolate loves attention, sleeping by your side and receiving his daily fur brush.

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Ebby was born in February 2015. Her breed is a rare Scottish Fold and she came from a family in London to join her new family in CatPawCino. Ebby is very playful and full of energy – she never seems to get tired even after hours of running about. She loves following Alfie and nuzzling up to him while he licks her head. I’m sure you’ll agree – she’s little cutie.

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Flora was born on the 17th September 2015. She is a gorgeous looking British shorthair from York. Being the only one introduced to the CatPawCino family after the cafe has opened, Flora quickly made herself comfortable living here. She is bold and curious, and was playful from day 1 in the cafe. Tiny as she is, Flora seems to have an amazing appetite.

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Iva is a beautiful Scottish fold.  She was born on 22th June 2016.  She is very friendly and calm. She sometimes playful while she is in a good mood. She likes sitting down with her legs stretched.

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Hugo was born on 15/05/2016. He is an exotic shorthair but was born with beautiful long fur!  He is super playful and loves nothing more than to run through the tunnels. He has a very soft and sweet meow when he wants attention.

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Kyla was born on 15/05/2018. She is defintely sweet and so friendly. She will asking for attention all the time and she loves to sit on your knees sometimes.

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Jasper is a ragdoll breed who was born on June 2019. Jasper is the youngest one now and he is very playful like all kittens. he do have a very good temperament and he is very sweet.

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Coke is our first foster cat and came to us on the 10th April 2016 from Feline Friendz cat shelter in South Shields.  He is such a lovely natured cat, so friendly and playful! We are so pleased that Coke has found a permanent home already and we are honoured to have had a part in helping to rehome him and to have had the pleasure of his company. Coke was leaving us for his lovely new home on the 4th May 2016. Coke is absolutely spoiled now and he even has his own Instagram!

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Joey was born on the 18/10/2011. He is well nurtured and he had always been living with people. Joey’s mum came to Feline Friendz about to have kittens after she was abandoned whilst pregnant, and Joey was one of the kittens. Joey is a very affectionate cat, though can be feisty when he is not in the mood.  He likes sitting on people’s laps and get some cuddles from you.  He is also a very content cat and he purrs a lot!  He has now been rehomed.

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Amber is our third foster cat who needs rehousing as her previous owner has asthma so can’t keep her any longer.  Amber is a female, 2 and a half years old. She is a beautiful ginger kitty and very friendly.

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Gary is our fourth foster cat from feline Friends who has been rehomed.  He is about 5-6 years old and has a very solid build.  Being abandoned by his previous owner, he had lived in a farm for a while.  Gary is a very affectionate, calm and content cat.  He loves interacting with people and enjoys being brushed.  Given his size, it’s not a surprise that he likes a few teats.

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Barney is a male Ragdoll. His previous owner contacted us directly, asking us to rehome Barney as she had lots of cats and she knew that Barney liked to be the only cat at home. He was 2 years old when we got him. He stayed with us for 2 weeks before we found him a home. He is a very friendly cat and loves people but he’s more comfortable being the only cat at home. So we rehomed him with some who didn’t have any other cats and he’s really happy in his new home.

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Maysie is our sixth foster cat.  She is a very lovely black and white girl and also needs rehoming.  She was about 18 months old when she joined us on 5th September 2016.  She grew up in a nice family with 6 other cats and only needs rehoming due to the owner’s health issue.  She only has about 50% vision in her left eye, but it doesn’t affect her playful spirit at all.  She likes all sorts of toys and particularly likes chasing anything moving.  She will try to pinch a bit of sandwich or panini sometimes… All in all, she is a very playful and friendly cat and deserves a loving home.

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Cinders is our 7th foster cat who is 4 years old.  She is a very beautiful longhair cat. She had lots of interest and had been successfully rehomed on 20th January 2017.

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Tango is our 8th foster cat who is 18 months old.  Tango is very friendly both to people and also cats. She has lived with other cats before and settled into Catpawcino very quickly.  Tango loves attention and definitely will be a very loving companion!  She will leaving us on 26th February to her lovely permanent home!

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Molly is our 9th foster cat.  She loves exploring and being the centre of attention.

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Sweet Little Lolly is the daughter of Molly, who is our 10th foster cat.  Lolly loving all attention.

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Sooty and Bumble

Sooty and Bumble are brothers and best friends .  They came to catpawcino together and has been rehomed to lovely families .

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Bertie and Barney

Bertie and Barney our two sweet little foster kittens.  They are 8 months old now.

Bertie has been just rehomed, Barney are still looking for a forever home and family.  Barney is such a sweet boy and he follows you everywhere.


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More Rescue cats

They named Tipsy and Toby who are our foster cats at the moment.

Catpawcino works with feline friends cat rescue charity to help find new homes for their cats by fostering them at our cafe. Currently, We have helped 48 rescue cats find their permanant forever homes! Please ask staff more infomations on current foster cats up for addoption.

CatPawCino welcomes you in with a furry paw!

We’re committed to providing the best home and welfare for our cats. To do this we charge an *entrance fee to our ground floor Cat Café of £7 per person, which goes towards vet bills, food and feline entertainment.

This entrance fee will secure you a table in our Cat Café for up to an hour.  Visits of more than one hour can be made and each extra hour will be charged at £7 per person.There is a £2 deposit per person which will be subtracted from your bill at the end of your visit (you will pay £5 entry in person).

*Entry to CatPawCino Cat Café is free for autistic children (age 6 – 16), please mention this in the notes section when booking your place and a refund for this booking will be given on the day.

We may be able to offer a table on the spot or after a short wait. However we fill up quickly, so we recommend that you book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Please be aware that bookings can only be cancelled, rescheduled or amended if at least 48 hours notice is given. If you would like to cancel, amend or reschedule your booking to visit our Cat Café please call 0191 903 5085.

Opening times

We are open 11am-7pm Tuesday - Friday, 10am-7pm on Saturday and Sunday (closed Mondays).

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Please note: Catpawcino is not suitable for children under 6, and children between 6 - 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

CatPawCino was set up by me - Sarah Zong.

For years I longed for my own cat but didn’t get the opportunity until 2011 when I finally got Burton, a fluffy Chinchilla Persian. Now I have 4 cats – yep just call me cat lady!

8 years ago I moved to Newcastle from China, and over the years fell in love with the city. After graduating I began considering how I could contribute, and add my stamp to the place I now called home.

In early 2013 I stumbled upon QiLin Cat Café and thought – ‘wouldn’t it be great to have a Cat Café in Newcastle’. After a lot of work and research, and the help of the RISE UP Newcastle University, my dream of a Cat Café in Newcastle started to feel like it could be a reality.

Two years later, after being awarded a business endorsement from Newcastle University, I quit my job, teamed up with a local artist and designer, and CatPawCino Cat Café was born!

I really want to give something back to the community that accepted me into their heart, so we donate a percentage of our profits to a local cat charity, and offer free entry to autistic children.

Our food

Our Quayside Cat Café serves a range of cat themed cakes and biscuits, as well as soups and sandwiches, and a selection of hot and cold drinks.

One difference to other cafés is that we also offer some speciality Chinese drinks. We have a selection of speciality teas such as Jasmine Tea, special Oolong tea, Chrysanthemum tea and Bowl Tea. The Bowl tea is a very special and traditional tea in NorthWest of China. It comes from my hometown and I love to share this special tea with our customers.

We like to source our food and drinks from local suppliers. Our coffee is supplied by the local business Pumphreys coffee. Our teas is supplied by the local family business Ringtons. Our cake is provided by the local business The Pudding Parlour.

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Find us

CatPawCino is located on the beautiful Quayside of Newcastle, in between the Tyne bridge and the Millennium Eye Bridge and over the river from Sage Gateshead. We're approximately a 15 minutes walk from Newcastle Central train station.

Telephone number
0191 903 5085
Email address

77 Quayside, Newcastle Upon Tyne. NE1 3DE

Frequently asked questions

  • What can I expect at CatPawcino Cat Café?

    On the day of your booking you will be welcomed into CatPawCino via a gated lobby, by our ‘cat keeper’ and shown to your table.

    Inside this space live 8 cats. The furniture within this area is designed to be cat friendly and/or to stimulate their activity by giving them plenty of places from which to jump, play, rest, climb and scratch. They have a separate bedroom space where they can retreat to and grab a bite to eat, and a separate toilet space.

    Although you will have a designated seating area to eat & drink from, there will able space for you to wonder around and interact with the kitties, so you don’t have to stay at your table during your time there.

  • What kind of food do you serve?

    We serve a selection of sandwiches, soups, cakes and desserts plus a range of hot and cold drinks all supplied from local producers. One difference is we will be offering some speciality Chinese teas. Our food is prepared in our strictly cat-free kitchen

  • What is your policy on hygiene?

    The food is prepared in our basement kitchen, by dedicated kitchen staff. We have a strict policy whereby kitchen staff are not permitted to interact with the animals during working hours, and customers to avoid any contact with animal hair.

    The cleanliness of our premises is extremely important to us, and in addition to a daily clean from top to bottom, our staff will be on hand to maintain high standards during opening hours.

    Hand sanitiser will be provided for customers to use during their stay, and customers are also required to use the sanitiser provided before entering the cat cafe to help ensure the good health of our kitties.

    The cats’ have their own separate, ventilated toilet area, away from the lounge, which is accessible only to them. This is cleaned daily outside of opening hours.

  • What are your charges?

    We charge an entry fee of £5 per person. This money goes towards vet bills, food and feline entertainment and will secure you a place for up to 1 hour.

    Prices of food vary, that can be found on our menu.

  • How many people can you seat in the Cat Café?

    We have 15 covers in our ‘cat lounge’. If you would like to book for a party of more than six people, please get in touch and depending on availability we may be able to accommodate you.

  • Where do you get your cats?

    The CatPawCino kitties, come from pedigree breeders around the UK, but where possible we will use local breeders.
    The upmost care is taken when selecting a cat, as we want to make sure the breeders we go to, follow a strict code of ethics in relation to their cats, and are recommended by the Cat Breeders Association.

    When we look for cats we choose breeds’ whose personalities are best suited to being around people - such as Ragdolls.

    We also make sure not to separate sibling cats if the owner feels that they are too close to be parted, and we’ll only ever consider a kitten who is old enough to be taken out of his/her family unit.

  • What about your cat's welfare?

    Our cats’ wellbeing is one of our top priorities, and this is the reason we’ve chosen to limit our kitty community under 12 cats. This way we ensure our cats get plenty of space and our customers have room to enjoy them.

    We have created a dedicated cat-only bedroom space, to give them a private area they can retreat to during the day.

    The ‘cat’ furniture around the café is designed to offer our felines’ comfort, stimulation and meet their scratching needs.

    Before being brought to the café, our cats’ already lived together and are well used to each other. In the case that any additional cats are moved into CatPawCino they will be slowly introduced to the rest of the community before being moved in permanently. This way we can make sure our cats’ are not stressed and help avoid conflict between the animals

  • Can I bring my own cat?

    We are afraid that visiting cats are not allowed into CatPawCino, as this could potentially affect the health of our resident cats, by both increasing their stress levels and possibly spreading illness.

  • What is the etiquette when engaging the cats?

    Please see our House Rules page.

  • What is your policy on Children?

    Sorry, but children under that age of 6 are not allowed into the ground floor ‘cat lounge’ café as we have to ensure our kitties are handled with the upmost care, and we all know that young children can sometimes be a little rough when playing with and petting animals.

    Children of 6 years and over are allowed in the café but must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

  • Do you have any concessions?

    We offer free entry to children with autism between the ages of 6 – 16 as studies have shown that interaction with pets, particularly cats and dogs can help improve the social behaviour and confidence of autistic children.
    If you plan to bring an autistic child, please mention this in the notes section when booking your place and a refund for their place will be given on the day.

  • What about allergies?

    If you know you have a cat allergy then visiting CatPawCino is of course not recommended, especially with regards to the ‘cat lounge’ area.
    The basement café and shop is feline-free during the day, but the cats are free to roam this space at night, and although it is kept as clean as possible we cannot guarantee that it will be completely free of cat hair during opening hours.

    In the case that you are unaware that you have a cat allergy and suffer a reaction, staff will provide you with an information sheet to help you locate the nearest pharmacy or medical centre. However staff at the café cannot give out any anti-histamines or other allergy treatment.

    We cannot be held responsible for allergic reactions to the animals, and recommend that you are aware of any allergies you or children under your care may have before visiting the café.

    In relation to food allergies, it will be clearly stated on the menu where an item of food contains allergens such as nuts or eggs. However in addition to this we ask that customers inform us when ordering from the menu if they have a food allergy.

  • Where are you based?

    CatPawCino Cat Café is on the Quayside in Newcastle, it is specifically located at 77 Quayside, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 3DE.

  • Do you have any charitable causes?

    Every month we donate a percentage of our profits to Feline Friends cat rescue charity.

    To find out about our feline friends take a look here http://felinefriendscharity.co.uk